First Follower

Tony Robbins contends that people are in general more motivated  towards the absence of pain than they are by the pursuit of pleasure.

I wish it weren’t so but I’m not disputing it.¬† What absence of pain is in play for those joining the following movement?

Short term alleviation of the pain of remembering you’re in overdraft, your partner left you, you haven’t got work or you’re going to work tomorrow when you don’t want to. The fear and anxiety of just living.

The buzz you get from overcoming the fear of being thought a fool gives you a chance to forget the fears and anxieties you live with every day. Likewise the buzz from being part of something or simply the buzz from doing something physical with your body.  The natural drugs we use to get us through our lives.

What happens to the movement when the music stops? Like the rate of hits on this video there is a peak and then a waning of enthusiasm. Viral distribution can only go so far.

How can we keep the buzz going by systematically tackling our fears and anxieties and thus moving forward as individuals and as a group?

Kahatika is the answer and I’m looking for the First Follower.

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