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Business Politics is for the Good

The teachings of Aristotle by Michael Sanders via Harvardjustice.org cite the absolute neccesity of being involved in politics in a journey which persues virtue. Thirteen minutes into the video below we learn that in this regard practice is all important. Big business is entrenched in Politics. Many years ago I got out of big business because I believed that the politics wasn’t for good, and that I wasn’t in a position to change that fact.

Aristotle believed to live outside the politics you either had to be a god or a beast, I’m neither. But how do you turn business politics back to their original purpose? For the Good.

In aquiring any skill, albiet the skill is the art of virtue, requires practice.
Take swimming for instance. The first practice lesson could be throwing a toddler into a swimming pool and pulling them out if they looked like they are about to drown. That’s one way to get them to practice. Another way may be to encourage them to play in the shallows, building their confidence, practise water skills, play successively more swimming like games. Finally the child learns to swim.
Why is Business Politics so much like being thrown in a swimming pool as a toddler?