Kahatika is Maori for “Good Power”

I have spent my life thinking. In my teenage years my thoughts caused me great angst. The cold war raging and the ramp up of nuclear arsenals meant we, as a global nation, had the power to  destroy our planet and the whole of humanity several times over. I thought my ability to influence such an event  was out of my control, my faith in our leaders to do the right thing was low. I was perpetually worried.

In the early 1980’s as I climbed out of my teens and entered the workforce. Inspired by some of the things I was learning, I had an idea. I formulated the start of a plan around that idea. I thought it could have a huge impact on the world and the direction humanity was taking. As time went by I continued to plan but also created every excuse in the book as to why I shouldn’t act on my plan.

  • The technology isn’t yet mainstream
  • I haven’t got the money to make it happen
  • The market isn’t ready for it
  • It’s not my responsibility to save the world
  • In the meantime my country declared themselves as nuclear free, the Berlin wall fell, the cold war ended. “Thank goodness the urgent need for me to save humanity has evaporated”. I continued my little hobby project, mostly in my head, creating links between things I found relevant, and piecing bits of the big jigsaw puzzle together. As all the success gurus like Earl Nightingale and Tony Robbins tell you; “You become what you think about”. Just by constantly pondering my plan more pieces of the puzzle came to me.

    Time moved on, I gained a child and eventually found a partner. Suddenly the future of the world was greater than myself. Middle East Politics, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, pollution, climate change, global terrorism, 911, global financial crisis. We  may have ended the cold war,  but we seemed to have gained no end of global problems, any one of which could spark global disaster. Seemingly the world is piling up reasons for me to act on my plan.

    Perhaps it is time to get my Ducks in a row.

    Kahatika is the vehicle for executing my plan and this blog, a convenient means to document my thoughts.

    The English translation of Kaha tika, “Good Power”  or more literally “Power Correct”, I have always considered this a bit of an oxymoron, after all, doesn’t power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely?

    In my Ramblings I discuss Kahatika and how it may be possible to get to the benefits of power without corruption.

    I hope you  pop in from time to time to see how I’m going. If I find the answer I very well may have “Saved the World

    "It Pays to Communicate"