The Decision

If you had a virus that if given to a patient, cured them, and once cured, would give that patient the ability to infect other sick people with that virus, hence curing them and so on until all sick people were cured; Would you start the ball rolling by giving that virus to the first willing patient?

What would your answer be if only patients with the capacity for compassion were cured and patients without this capacity for compassion died as a result of becoming infected?

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile Universe.” ~ Albert Einstein

One thought on “The Decision”

  1. I would make sure the patient has capacity for compassion before infecting him/her. Unfortunately not everyone finds others as important as themselves. I think the development of compassion in someone is greatly influenced by the community. Compassionate people make other people compassionate. As a virus.
    Final answer on your question: People who haven’t got capacity for compassion will be immune anyway. I will try to infect everyone!

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