Pursue Significance

I found the following video when searching for potential training partners to help with implementing Kahatika.
Again the Video is worth watching all the way through, in fact this clip comes from a cut down two hour interview.
If you are running short of time, skip through to about sixteen minutes in where Dov Seidman talks about individuals and businesses pursuing significance.

Interesting enough his words inspired me to make contact via his Company’s Web Contact form. No reply after over a week. I tried again and still no contact.
Whilst I am still inspired by the words I am at present a little underwhelmed by it’s approach to potential partners seeking to pursue significance.

Interestingly enough Dov is in good company. I also tried contacting the Case Foundation through their web contact form with no response.

There are a couple of other contact point’s in the world of  “I really want to make a difference” whose contact systems I’ve tried that are such that they are the equivalent of ignoring someone at a party who had just said “Hello, I’d like to help”, to you. Earning respect and building reputation also needs to be built into the systems you present to your community.  You will never know if the person who has just said “Hello”  has the capacity to save the world unless you engage. “Thanks, but no thanks”, is better than no engagement at all.

Perhaps Kahatika could be integrated into their systems to provide consistency between rhetoric and action?

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